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Inky's Fortune™ is a fun 'gotcha' kids' game that challenges players' patience and motor skills. Kids take turns trying to sneak 'Gems' away from Inky, the sleeping octopus. He may look like he's dozing but try to take his treasure too quickly he'll spring into action and blast his Ink Blob! Each turn, players try to remove a 'Gem' by slowing twisting and turning it from its hole. If the player manages to safely pull out the 'Gem' without tickling Inky's tentacles, they get to keep it. Different 'Gems' provide different challenges, so players will have to be patient and skillful as they try to remove them all! The player who has the most 'Gems' when all the treasure has been collected wins the game. Designed for 2 to 4 players, it makes a great gift for kids 5 years and older.

  • Inky's Fortune™ is an exciting game for kids that teaches patience and helps develop manual dexterity and motor skills!
  • Inky the Octopus looks asleep, but when kids try to take his treasure, he may spring into action and blast the Ink Blob and keep his 'Gems!'
  • Each 'Gem' must be slowly twisted and turned to remove it. If pulled out safely, it is added to that player's collection; whoever gathers the biggest fortune wins the game.
  • Includes 16 'Gems' so 2 to 4 can play at once.
  • Inky's Fortune makes a great gift for kids 5 years and up.
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